Wizzland is an online search service that develops business and the city!


01 Benefit
Users get discounts, business customers, and the city gets development.
02 Unity
Bringing together conscious people to create the life we deserve.
03 Motivation
Development of a new concept of the world: The more you give, the more you get.
04 Creation
Together we will turn each city into a real work of art.


Economy and Creation
All services on the site are provided with discounts. By ordering the service, you save money, support your business, as well as a social project, transferring part of the discount for its implementation.
Direct support
You can always donate directly to any social or charitable project.
You will be able to initiate fundraising for the creation of a social business, part of the profit of which will be directed to the implementation of new projects of the site.
A good deed
If you want, you can provide some services for free, which will allow you to take advantage of free offers from other entrepreneurs.
Like-minded people
We form specialized groups by specialties - we help to find like-minded people in every area of business.
By doing good deeds and supporting projects, you get points, which gradually open up additional opportunities for you and increase the percentage of your discount.
Club projects
By investing in a club service project, you get the personal maximum discounts for the services of the implemented project.
Fundraising for social and charitable projects will be carried out by a non-profit public organization that provides a full report on the use of funds.

How it works

Choose a service
The service provides services of companies and entrepreneurs with discounts.
Support the project
Transfer a little money from your discount for supporting a project of your city.
Get the service
Having received the service with a discount, pay for it and leave a review on the site.
Develop the city
The service implements the project, and you enjoy the transformed city.
The estimated launch date of the service is

summer 2021

(subject to timely financial support)
You can register right now for the service to work in full force.
83 users
19 entrepreneurs
Thanks to you, new playgrounds, art objects, parks and much more will appear.
We can live better, everything is in our hands!

Implementation plan

$ 6000
$ 6000
  • Idea
  • Service concept
  • First 15 founders
  • Terms of reference and prototype $ 2000
  • Development of Landing $ 1600
  • Administrative expenses $ 1900
  • Marketing $ 500
Total: $ 6000
$ 58600
$ 1500
Create site
$ 58600
  • Creation of social networks service
  • Creation of a creative group
  • Creation of a public organization
  • First 5 regional partners
  • Involvement of 220 founders
  • Identity development $ 950
  • Implementation of creative objects $ 3700
  • Service design development $ 3500
  • Front-end development $ 6300
  • Back-end development $ 9860
  • Project management $ 2600
  • SEO - optimization of catalogs $ 1400
  • Application development $ 7000
  • Testing $ 2600
  • Administrative expenses $ 13000
  • Marketing $ 7690
  • Formation of urban projects
Total: $ 58600
$ 248000
$ 0
Launching and Marketing
$ 248000
  • Involvement of 530 founders
  • Involvement of 19 regional partners
  • Formation of volunteer groups
  • Formation of teams of performers
  • Service support and development $ 18000
  • Administrative expenses $ 204000
  • Marketing $ 26000
  • Implementation of 25 projects
Total: $ 248000
$ 187400
$ 0
$ 187400
  • Involvement of 235 founders
  • Preparation of social projects business
  • Service support and development $ 29200
  • Administrative expenses $ 135200
  • Marketing $ 23000
  • Yield breakeven
  • Implementation of 50 projects
Total: $ 187400


Comfort and safety фото
Comfort and safety

We make the city comfortable and safe!

Cozy cities фото
Cozy cities

Let’s show the whole world that we have something to be proud of!

Technical task фото
Technical task

Dear friends!
The technical task and prototype are ready! Now we are working to make the functionality of the service even more convenient and useful. At this stage, one thing is clear: it will be a truly unique service with an incredible amount of possibilities.

Action plan фото
Action plan

Dear friends!
We would like to share with you the nearest plans for the development of the site. While we are awaiting replenishment of the ranks of founders to move on to the second stage (“Service Creation”), it is planned to create a number of useful communities that support the site. In the future, we would like to create such sites for each city, but in test mode we will create it now for Odessa, based on our location and to create a working algorithm for the development of these communities in other cities.

First founders фото
First founders

Hurrah! We are already 15 founders! It means that the first stage “TRAINING” will be implemented and we will be able to move on! Among the founders are people with huge hearts and generous souls.

Service founders (15/1000)

Organizer and partners

Philip Gorbunov (Knyazev)
Philip Gorbunov (Knyazev)
CEO, Wizzland


Why do you need a service if the city authorities are concerned with the development of the city?

The City is operating within the planned budget – unless a new playground is planned for your area this year, it will not appear.
The Wizzland service is designed to speed up the improvement process.
If users of the service support the idea of opening this site, the project will queue up for fundraising.
Thus, using the service you bring closer the implementation of the selected project.

Which city of Ukraine will develop the service?

The task of the service is the development of all cities. The main condition for raising funds for projects of a particular city is the presence of specialists representing this city at the service.

What is the project budget?

The calculation of the budget is based on the amount required to create and launch the service until it reaches self-sufficiency. With timely financing, the break-even date will come 06/2023.
Thus, the budget for the creation, launch and development of the service is designed for 3 years and amounts to 500,000 USD.
At the same time, fundraising for projects and their implementation will begin immediately after the launch of the service.

Will you help targeted to sick children, the elderly, animals?

The main task of the service is to turn every city into a work of art, therefore, priority projects are related to the improvement, comfort and safety of the city.
At the same time, the service will have a special section, which will present projects of targeted assistance to children, families with many children, single mothers, pensioners, disabled people and animals.

What part of the discount is transferred to the project?

It all depends on the choice of conditions for using the service.
By subscription – you yourself choose the amount you are ready to support the project with.
Without a subscription – you transfer 5% of the service cost (2.5% to support a social project and 2.5% to develop the service).

Where did you get the idea that you will succeed? Outside are the quarantine and the crisis...

We are confident that the service is currently more relevant than ever:
Clients will receive discounts, business clients, and the city will receive development.
In unfavorable periods, the service will become especially effective, as it provides an opportunity for specialists to offer their services online and with a visit to their homes, which will become insurance in case of a global lockdown.

What are the benefits for founders?

Founders will become premium users of the service and receive:
-access to the group, where all the details on the creation and promotion of the service will be published. Statistics. Report on the use of collected funds.
-the status of the “founder” on the service, which will visually highlight the account.
-unlimited maximum discount on all site services.
-the right to vote for projects pending before publication on the service.
-the ability to vote for a social project, even without a business account.
-privileges in the issuance of business services for search queries through the accrual of points.
-placement on the main page of the service in the “Founders” field.

How is it all legalized?

Wizzland is a service that allows specialists to place their services, and charitable foundations and public organizations – their projects.
All funds collected for the implementation of projects go directly to the accounts of charitable foundations and non-profit public organizations that place them.
The very same service Wizzland and the domain wizzland.com (including its subdomains), registered at Individual entrepreneur Pylyp Gorbunov.

How to become your partner/media partner?

Write to us at wizzland.sup@gmail.com and we will be happy to contact you.

Where will the collected funds go if the Wizzland service is not implemented?

We are confident that with timely funding, the Wizzland service will be created and launched.
However, we are obliged by law to prescribe that in case of non-implementation of the Wizzland service, the remaining unused funds will be transferred to the account of a charitable foundation, determined by voting of the founders.
If funds are raised in excess of the amount required to create and launch the service (equivalent to $ 500,000), the surplus will be directed to the service project that is in the active fundraising phase.